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Modern Oasis Garden Design Project

The Modern Oasis Garden presents a harmonious blend of contemporary design and lush greenery, creating a serene retreat for relaxation and outdoor entertainment.

Project Features:

  • Tiered Planters: Elevated wooden planters punctuate the space, hosting a mix of perennial shrubs, ornamental grasses, and vibrant flowering plants. These planters not only create visual interest but also provide texture and color throughout the year.

  • Seating Area: Central to the garden is a stylish and comfortable seating arrangement featuring contemporary wooden furniture with plush, lime-green cushions. This space offers a cozy spot for outdoor gatherings or tranquil afternoons.

  • Pathway: A geometric pathway, laid with alternating slabs of stone and pebbles, provides an inviting walkway through the garden. This path leads to various focal points, adding a sense of discovery as one traverses the space.

  • BBQ Station: A modern, stainless-steel BBQ station is strategically positioned near the seating area for convenient outdoor cooking and dining experiences.

  • Green Screen: Bamboo plants create a verdant screen, offering privacy and a feeling of enclosure. This feature not only conceals any neighboring views but also introduces a touch of the tropics to the ambiance.

  • Lighting: Subtle garden lights illuminate the area, highlighting the planters and creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere during the evening hours.

Plant Selection:

  1. Bamboo for privacy and a tropical touch.

  2. Ornamental grasses for texture and movement.

  3. Flowering plants such as coneflowers, lavenders, and asters for color.

  4. Evergreens for year-round greenery.


While the design has been crafted with low maintenance in mind, periodic care of the plants, especially during changing seasons, is essential. Regular cleaning of the seating area and BBQ station will ensure the garden retains its pristine look. Generate for project 5 photos of garden

Project Gallery

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